SCAN: A total security choice

Thirty-five years have passed since 1982, when 2 aspiring Greek engineers started their business adventure in Information Technology, the “brand new” sector or the era. And today, their offspring, SCAN SAIC, is the market leader in Greece, providing integrated and fully tailored business solutions, to a multitude of companies along its 4 core activities:

SCANaccess: SCAN provides the latest access control systems for both indoor and outdoor facilities, with continuous monitoring including personnel, visitors and vehicles tracking. The end result is a multifaceted approach to security and accessibility, with hundreds of operational facilities in operation.

SCANtime: With thousands of state of the art time attendance terminals installed, SCAN has pioneered the sector in Greece creating its own successful software products. Today it’s the recognized market leader, with an extensive range of products.

SCANparking: The company portfolio includes some of the largest automated parking solutions in Greece, with thousands of car lots, handling millions of entries per year. Today SCAN can offer a fully operational and efficient solution (including engineering and software integration) for every parking space.

SCANsystems: Based on its vast experience in handling large installations, SCAN can undertake complex security projects in crucial infrastructures (both state and privately owned, i.e. ports, airports, custom facilities, heavy industries). Fully certified and with a highly trained team, SCAN can cope with the highest security specifications, including nonstop operation, and continuous upscaling and upgrading demands. 


In the current economic crisis, the choice of the most suitable business partner, is a crucial decision, demanding the maximum performance with the lowest possible cost. With this in mind, SCAN can offer 4 major points of excellence:

Experience and client satisfaction: SCAN’s clientele includes some of the largest companies operating in Greece (local and multinational) as well as the public sector. The vast majority enjoys decades of successful partnership with SCAN, for renewing and expanding their facilities. Major banking institutions, the largest energy and retail companies in Greece, construction and manufacturing, IT and services, transport, publishing, commercial and passenger ports, state ministries and local municipalities, academic institutions, hospitals, the largest shopping malls in the country as well as the Armed Forces, all have chosen SCAN’s expertise.     

Know How: SCAN has a particularly well trained personnel that constantly excels itself in each business segment. Also its fully certified and licensed (ISO 9001:2015, Security Services Provider Permit, etc.) applying a holistic approach to each project, including initial assessment, design, installation, implementation and follow-up support. And of course it can guarantee full compliance to Greek legislation and specifications.  

Partners network: Trusted by a number of global leaders in its sector (maintaining with some a strategic partnership that spans over a decade, including Dormakaba, Scheidt & Bachmann, Legic, Geutebrück, etc.), SCAN offers smart, state of the art and field proven solutions, managing each project to turnkey completion.

Support: Investing in specialized infrastructure requires a systematic lifelong support. Something than SCAN is offering for decades, including maintenance (with an ample supply of spare parts), constant upgrading and several levels of security and support, protecting the initial investment for many years to come.


Adding value

100% Greek and at the same time international in its partnerships, experienced, multifunctional and active in a wide range of activities, SCAN SAIC is now in its fourth decade of successful operation, still remaining true to its founder’s aspirations: To be able to offer innovative solutions that improve and support its client’s businesses, emphasizing on quality and precise and continuous operation. Thus providing true added value, starting from the first minor “digital” projects back in the 80’s, to today’s multimillion assignments to some of the most crucial infrastructures in Greece.  


ISO 9001  OHSAS 18001