In 2015, the merger between Dorma and Kaba, created the Dormakaba group, one of the top 3 globally in access and control management systems and electromechanical security products. The merge boasts a truly worldwide presence in over 50 countries (with representatives in 80 more), a 16,000 strong staff and an annual turnover of 2.5 billion Swiss francs.

Today, with a century and a half in combined experience, Dormakaba offers an extensive range of products and solutions in access control, security, time & attendance, smart cards, interior and entrance systems and data management tools.

SCAN’s cooperation with Kaba began in 1997, introducing to the Greek market innovative access control, time & attendance and security systems, including the Legic smart card technology. The successful collaboration matured to a strategic alliance with SCAN as the trusted local associate, who can fully implement and support Dormakaba’s solutions installed in an extended and demanding clientele.

For more information please visit Dormakaba’s official website.

Scheidt & Bachmann

With a staff of 3,000, Scheidt & Bachmann (S&B) is a globally acknowledged market leader in automated parking lots, operating in over 50 countries. Starting in 1872 as a textile machinery manufacturer, the company evolved -since 1966- as a German company specialized in car parks, offering today complete solutions for any type of facility: from airports, hotels and hospitals, to large-scale business lots and small and medium-sized private installations. Among its projects is the gigantic lot with 20,280 spaces at Düsseldorf Airport and the 7,800 spaces car park in downtown Mainz, Germany.

SCAN brought S&B’s knowhow to the Greek market in 2002, and since then the two companies have collaborated successfully in installing holistic management solutions to some of the biggest parking lots in Greece (including the largest shopping malls in the country) handling millions of car entries each year. This strategic partnership is flourishing in new projects, like the fully automated parking lot of the most acclaimed cultural venue in Athens, that was completed in 2017.

For more information please visit Scheidt & Bachmann’s official website.


A specialized company from Germany, Geutebruck, has more than 40 years of experience in digital surveillance systems, with significant innovations in security video management. Its products include a multitude of security cameras, digitization equipment, recorders, video management and storage systems, and real-time video analysis with special algorithms to detect and process any type of threat and alert.

Geutebruck’s net-centric philosophy has created various interface protocols (even for third party equipment) offering a fully customized solution, with an open architecture, fully upgradable and expandable. Being the first to create a digital surveillance system, Geutebruck today supports surveillance systems in critical facilities in research, finance, energy, transportation, education, gambling, sports and public infrastructures.

In Greece, Geutebruck’s strategic partnership with SCAN started in 2007, offering increased security and compliance to the latest international standards, in banking groups, major industries, border stations and commercial ports.

For more information please visit Geutebruck’s official website.


Legic has over 25 years’ experience in the design, production and operation of contactless identification systems. Its solutions include RFID, NFC and Bluetooth protocols, and can be implemented in cards, keychains, keys etc. or via smartphones and other digital devices. Legic offers safety with its scalable security systems, with ease of use and reliability, thus simplifying the identification procedure in everyday life.

Today, Legic ensures the safe access of more than 150 million workers, visitors and travelers to over 100,000 facilities, from critical infrastructure, airports, hotels, ports, cruise ships and universities, to large corporations and public venues.

SCAN is the exclusive issuer of Legic’s smart cards in Greece, and has provided its clientele with hundreds of thousands of smartcards, supporting their integrated access control solutions.

For more information please visit Legic’s official website.


A specialized German producer of high-quality barriers, sliding gates and relevant equipment.


Α Chinese manufacturer with an wide range of affordable biometric identification and time & attendance products and solutions, already sold in 20 countries.


Italian knowhow in security gates, fences, and parking security systems.


Specialized in registration plate recognition, sensors and parking cameras, with a global presence in 60 countries.


An innovative Swedish company with a variety of registration plate recognition systems, and wireless RFID identification.


Austrian expertise in tourniquets, barriers, gates and similar access control equipment.