The experts in total security solutions

Ports and customs, airports, crucial infrastructures, public venues and major private installations: A common theme is the need for integrated and multilevel security systems that can guarantee control and safety through threat prevention. An urgent requirement, due to the recent rise in terrorist incidents, which has increased significantly the security specifications for crowded places or safety-sensitive establishments.

In such an environment, SCAN, with a broad experience in large scale access control and monitoring projects, can offer - and has already implemented - integrated security solutions for important infrastructures in Greece.



SCAN can undertake projects in the following sectors:

  • Industrial installations and critical infrastructures security
  • Border security
  • Port security (for passengers and freight) with ISPS compliance
  • Designing security, prevention and protection systems, including threat and infrastructure vulnerability analysis, threat assessment exercises, cost and effectiveness planning etc.

SCAN’s “arsenal”

  • Fully certified for every security project and installation.
  • An experienced, trained and specialized team that can handle initial research, planning, supervision and final implementation, as well as operational support (24/7) with total maintenance coverage and high availability of spare parts.
  • Partnerships with global leading suppliers, providing the best integrated solutions of equipment and software.
  • Delivering a fully networked security installation, with extended management and expansion capabilities.
  • A holistic approach that offers a functional solution, covering all security requirements with an integrated work environment and optimization for handling large number of passengers/visitors/spectators/personnel etc.

All types of CCTVs with video analysis for early detection of threats, smart gates, access control terminals, x-ray scanners, magnetic gates, passenger biometric controls, document controls (boarding passes, IDs, visas etc.), portable data collection scanners, video and audio communication systems, control and communication centers, automated workflow systems, tourniquets, barriers, guardhouses, and of course covering every specialized need, are just a part of the services and equipment that SCAN offers in an integrated security project. 

Among SCAN’s already completed projects, are the installation of integrated security systems in 4 major commercial ports of Greece, handling hundreds of thousands of passengers every year. More specifically, some of its security solutions clients are: Chania, Patras, Corfu and Kalamata ports, the Doirani Border Station, Public Power Corporation (DEI), Hellenic Petroleum, Alpha Bank and OTE. Some of the most well-known private and public installations in Greece, all recognizing SCAN’s expertise in handling extremely complex and demanding works.