Counting time and attendance around the clock

The reliable and automated monitoring of employees’ working time, is a major need for modern businesses that includes a stable integration with payroll and productivity tools. This need becomes crucial for large employers, where time recording must be completed fast and accurately, without queuing.

SCAN, the market leader in the sector, can offer a wide range of integrated solutions with an array of specialized time and attendance terminals, having decades of experience in installing and supporting thousands of them in some of the largest employers in Greece.



More specifically, SCAN’s solutions offer:

  • Fully configurable terminals handling entrance/exit/work breaks and specific time and space access.
  • User friendly, high quality and reliable terminals in accordance with European standards, fully programmable, locally or through a network.
  • A choice between time and attendance terminals and access control systems, or a combination of both, meeting every client’s need and ensuring a cost efficient solution.
  • Ethernet connectivity for central control & data collection and integration with payroll and productivity tools.
  • Identification through proximity, credit card sized, cards (Legic, Mifare, EM, HID, UHF etc.). Another option are advanced biometric terminals.
  • All terminals can store thousands of movements, spanning several days, ensuring data retention even in network failures.

Proven experience and know-how

For more than 2 decades, SCAN maintains a strategic cooperation with Dormakaba, a globally leading supplier in time attendance and access control systems, operating in 130 countries with over 16.000 employees. In Greece, SCAN and Dormakaba have established a legacy of quality and performance over time, with end users utilizing the same Kaba terminal for over 17 years without a single problem. SCAN has handled the installation of time attendance systems to a variety of clients, from supermarket chains and major industrial companies to service providers and banking groups, supporting infrastructures that exceed 600 terminals/access points for a single customer.

SCAN can also offer more affordable solutions, using terminals from ZKTeco, a well-known provider with over 180 million users worldwide.  

Our clientele

For more than 20 years, SCAN remains the sector leader in time and attendance solutions, combining hi-tech and ease of use, terminal reliability and full connectivity, for a continuously expanding and long-term clientele, among them major Greek employers, such as:

AB Vassilopoulos, Sklavenitis, My Market, Alpha Bank, Public Power Corporation (DEI), BIC, Creta Farm, Titan, Alumil, Hellenic Petroleum, Thessaloniki Gas, Attica Natural Gas and Hellenic Duty Free Shops.