Privacy Policy

SCAN is committed to keep the information in its possession private and protect personal data of all individuals transacting with the company. All company employees are aware of GDPR and are also sensitive and committed to protect personal data they may process.

It’s very important to us that we keep our communication alive without jeopardizing the security of your personal data.

We explain below, what information we keep, how we collect and use this information. You have control over your data and can refuse their use or ask for its deletion at any time.

Collection and use of data

We collect personal data for people we do or intent to do business with and under the condition that they are kept for the specific purpose. In order to collect (or send) data we require the prior clear and explicit consent of their owner.

These data are used specifically for communicating with the person and to facilitate the mutual undertakings between the company and the person but also to provide information, when needed, about company news, products and services, its future plans and any other update the company may find useful. Any communication is personal and non-publishable and is performed in one of the accepted means, e.g. letter, electronic communication of text or material, telephone communication, etc.

Information we keep is used for the above purposes only by the company and are not transferred to third parties under any circumstances.

Information we collect

We collect the minimum amount of data necessary for doing unobstructed business and communication with you. This information is a subset of the following:

  • Full names

  • Work addresses

  • Emails

  • Telephone numbers

  • Positions and/or Titles

  • Companies

  • Countries

Information supplied to us

In some cases for carrying out certain tasks on behalf of our customers (e.g. issuance of smart cards) people data are sent to our company. SCAN declares and commits itself that these specific data are destructed after completion of the work for which they were intended.

Period of retention

Personal date are retained until the purpose for which they were collected ceases to exist or as mandated by relevant laws and regulations.

Furthermore, data are destructed whenever their holder requests so unless the law permits their retention for a specific purpose and time duration.

Control over personal data

Data we keep are at the disposal and full control of their owner who may require to view, correct or change these data, give directions about how and when they can be used or demand their full deletion.


For any information, clarification or action in relation with the above, please contact SCAN by any means of standard communication or specifically through email at

Changes to this policy

SCAN may bring changes to this Privacy Policy in order to incorporate changes or additions, so that it better reflects the current regulations for the Protection of Personal Data during time.