Total control in 4 dimensions

In today’s increasingly risky and competitive business environment, both the private and the public sectors require a solid solution in access control and area monitoring for their indoor and outdoor facilities. This need covers all requirements in installation safety, smooth business operation, personnel and visitor’s management, area usage optimization and production maximization.

SCAN’s field experience allows it to offer holistic solutions for:

  • Outdoor surveillance and access control (including all gates/entrances and perimeter), for vehicles and persons
  • Indoor surveillance and monitoring, for office buildings, production areas, warehouses, parking spaces, vaults and any kind of sensitive installation.


SCAN has implemented more than 250 similar projects in Greece, with a variety of requirements and safety parameters. With this expertise SCAN can provide:

  • Extensive access zoning with multiple security classifications and responses for each zone.  
  • Fully networked installations, creating a secure-linked monitoring, access and management system.
  • High definition recording systems (day and night capable), providing an extensive range of applications, from registration plates recognition to threat assessment image analysis.
  • Online and offline solutions for every building/area.
  • Use of smart access cards, with the highest security specifications.

The complete system delivered, combines all individual technologies and requirements in a functional solution with a central management. Thus, ensuring for the end user, installation security and adaptable multilevel management, with the added benefit of dealing with a single provider (SCAN) that can guarantee in the long run both functionality and support.

SCAN capitalizes on its long-term partnerships with leading global suppliers, including Dormakaba (one of the three largest worldwide), Legic, a pioneer in smart access cards, Geutebruck with 40 years of experience in recording systems, analysis and video management, Elka, an expert in gating and fencing solutions, ZKTeco a provider of hi-quality affordable monitoring solutions, and many others, with proven know-how in access control and monitoring.

Experience in challenging security installation

Combining a well trained and certified personnel, state-of-the-art technologies and extensive experience, SCAN has provided a wide range of surveillance and access control solutions to a large number of Greece’s largest private companies and also the public sector (including critical infastructures). Among them are the following:

Alpha Bank, Hellenic Petroleum, Aegean Oil, ΚΤΕL Thessalonikis, Κοlios, Greek Telecommunications Company (OTE), Cedefop, Serres General Hospital, Thessaloniki Natural Gas, Public Power Corporation (DEI), Cosmote and Pharmathen.