Our systems park millions of cars every year

Supporting millions of parking entries each year, SCAN is the largest provider in Greece in automated parking facilities. Its experience spans over 100 projects, from small and medium size parking spaces, to multi-storey installations with thousands of lots in the largest shopping malls in the country.    



SCAN has four major advantages in the sector:

  1. Total solutions: the company offers integrated solutions suitable for any type of parking facilities, open air or indoor, paid or free, with or without personnel. SCAN can undertake the project from the initial design and provide installation, training, and follow-up support for:
  • Entry/exit terminals and automated pay stations
  • Entry/exit barriers, sensors and inductive loop detectors
  • Centralised control systems
  • License plate detection systems
  • Occupancy signs 
  • Advanced management and information

Of course SCAN can develop any specialized solution, from a retail store offering parking discounts to clients, to a logistics installation with constant vehicle monitoring and traffic management for minimizing waiting times.     

  1. Compliance and ease of use: Every SCAN solution is fully compliant with local legislation including tax provisions. Also, in daily usage, all payment methods are supported (cash, debit/credit cards etc.), the automated pay stations and signs use native language prerecorded messages and posts, and the whole experience is extremely simple for the driver, even on first try.
  2. Global know-how inclusion: SCAN has an exclusive partnership with Scheidt & Bachmann (S&B), a leading German supplier of automated parking solutions and one of the largest in the world. S&B has created more than 10.000 parking facilities in 50 countries, including the gigantic 20.000-lot parking at Dusseldorf airport, and continues to develop the most innovative solutions like the unique management platform “entervo”. The strategic partnership with SCAN dates from 2002, providing Greek customers with extremely efficient parking facilities, with continuous operation and with heavy daily loads (up to ten thousand entries per day).
  3. Support: An efficient parking facility requires systematic support. One more comparative advantage of SCAN, that can offer its own specialized and certified support team, an extensive inventory of spare parts, and longstanding experience in addressing any maintenance issue. 

SCAN: In a parking near you!

Designing and creating a fully automated parking facility is a core activity for SCAN, and as a sector leader in Greece, it can undertake any kind of project, irrelevant of complexity and specialized requirements. And already each year, millions of Greeks have a firsthand experience of SCAN’s expertise, using parking spaces of some of its biggest clients, among them:   

Golden Hall, The Mall, Polis Park, Thessaloniki Airport, Thessaloniki International Fair, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Supermarket Gountsidis, Athens Metro Mall, Urban Rail Transport (STASY) and many others.